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Bushnell Speedster II

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Sports Radar Gun

Building on the simplicity of Bushnell’s wildly popular Velocity radar gun, the Bushnell Speedster II combines ease-of-use with advanced digital processing technology. Switch between MPH and KPH with the simple click of a button.

The Speedster II is the perfect radar speed gun for all sports enthusiasts. Whether you are clocking pitching speeds or tennis serves the instant and real-time measurements are sure to provide valuable data points. There is no shortage of unique and valuable uses for the Bushnell Speedster II.

Download Bushnell Speedster II Sports Radar Gun Manual

Bushnell Speedster II Highlights

  • Easy-to-use speed gun - accurately measures speed of cars, baseballs, softballs, RC cars, RC boats, etc..
  • Compact & Ergonomic Radar gun design - comfortable Bushnell point-and-shoot pistol grip
  • Displays Speed on an LCD Graphics Display
  • Displays fastest speed once trigger is released

Feature Comparison

Feature ComparisonSpeedster IISpeedster III
LCD Display (MPH/KPH)YesYes
SpeedScreen Compatible (RF Technology) No Yes
(DSP) Digital Signal ProcessingYesYes
Continuous Mode (for automatic readings)NoYes
Effective Baseball Range 75 ft. 90 ft.
Effective Car Range 1300 + ft. 1500 + ft.
Tripod Compatibility No Yes
Accuracy+/- 1 mph ; +/- 2 kph+/- 1 mph ; +/- 2 kph
Warranty2 year limited2 year limited

Speedster II Radar reviews

... I tracked the speed of lacrosse shots for our Youth league ...Rjkortus
... Excellent baseball tool at a value price. The gun is very reliable and accurate ...Scott A. Patrick

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